Friday, 16 December 2011

The Avventura Musical 2011

The raining day at Tg Malim won't stop me from seeing the concert. I know something special would come out of it. To my surprise the African Dance is really amazing. Wow, the students beautifully dance and sings to the song.. So did the Latin dance not disappointing to see too. The Blues is one of the best part. Apart of the mixed songs in the end which is great. Meanwhile the alien icon really make his statement that he likes music from his experienc of the earthling performance from all over the world. Bravo to all the students, teachers and performers for the beautiful performance... Keep it up.

African Tribal Performance: Circle of Life

African Tribal Performance: Tribal Dance

Latin Dance

Malay Dance

All the recording has been done using Samsung 2 Galaxy Mobile phone and Nokia mobile phone, copy right reserved by author 2011: Shamsul Arrieya (Researcher)

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