Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Experience in Batik Making

Batik Painting and "canting" a technique to paint batik with wax and resin has its own   uniqueness. Every pattern of batik that has been produced only once with different pattern even though the same painter are creating it ("Same But different") Serupa Tapi Tak Sama.

(Syed Hasmadi Tuan Dalam 2011).

 With Noor Arfa the owner of the Company

Process 1: Get ready the white textile that has been measured and cut according to the size
Process 2: Sketching the motif with pencil on the textile
 Process 3: Canting. Canting a process where the pattern and motif will be sketches according to the 'Line' pattern with care using the mix of wax and resin
Process 4: Painting the textile with water

                                            Process 5:  Coloring the background

 Process 6:  Painting the Details

                                                                 Process 7:  Shading

                                                              Batik   Painting completed


 Process 8: To stop the color. The textile would be soaked inside a container with sodium silicate to stop the color within 8 hours.

   Process 9:  The textile with sodium silicate would be washed by clean tap water

 Process 10:  Dewaxing. The textile would be boiled with soda ash to eliminate the wax.

  Process 11:  Washing away the wax with clean tap water.

  Process 12:  Drying up the textile indirectly from the sun light

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Shamsul Arrieya Ariffin (Researcher) 9/12/2011